Five important tips to remember while buying a perfume

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Let your nose do the talking!

Perfume Fragrances are one thing, which speaks a lot about a person, her personality, taste and likes.  Scents can be as unique as the wearer. Fragrance shopping these days is very confusing and frustrating only because of the way retail counters or departmental stores arrange their perfume bars.

Departmental Stores, with their crowded, poorly organized bars and staff lacking in knowledge makes the whole perfume shopping a total disaster or I would say a complete frustrating experience. But niche brands of perfume showrooms do have organized display bars along with well-informed staff to take you through the range and suggest the best of the lot as per your need and taste.

Below are several important tips to keep in mind while making the perfume shopping experience a plesant one:

Be Prepared of what you want to see and try. Trying every single fragrance can be hell confusing at the end. Get few names online of the new releases of the brand making your life easy.

  • Do not wear any perfumes or Lotion while you have plans to go for fragrance shopping.
  • Straight to the fragrance counter is advisable. Your nose is very sensitive to differentiate between the fragrances making the situation difficult for the nose to work.
  • Restrict yourself to 2-3 scents in one go. Control on your pace by not trying more at a time. Giving break to the nose will help identify the right fragrance for you.
  • Let the alcohol of the fragrance evaporate before smelling. Let the perfume dry for few seconds and then smell it.
  • Smelling in short inhales is advisable. We generally tend to smell Deep with long inhales which will lead to oversaturation of nose with scents.

There are different online websites, which help in choosing the best of the options available. Websites like amazon, official websites of different brands and even website is helpful enough to make you choose the best under one roof. Beautifullady has variety of flavors to choose from. Ranging from fresh, tropical, sporty, flowery or passionate fragrances, you name it and they have it. With the description available for each product, it gets easy to identify your requirement and need and do the buying accordingly. 

When in doubt, do not always go for your favorites but try a different one every single time. Shopping for a scent slightly perfect than your last shopping marks the devotion for perfumes leading to an ultimate new experience every time.

Perfume Fragrances have a stronger persuasive power than words, appearance and expressions. It’s like a personal signature!



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