Show off Those Alluring Legs with the Best Hosiery

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A pair of long legs encased in a pair of sheer pantyhose would be a sight for sore eyes. There is no doubt that it would attract every eye in the vicinity, both male and female. As they say, “A thing of beauty is a joy to behold,” so it is when you wear a pair of tights that make you the envy of all in the room. However, proper care should be taken in the upkeep and storage, to extend their usability.

Types of Hosiery

The different options available in the category of hosiery items are the body stockings, support stockings, knee-highs, leggings, stockings with suspenders and the ultra-decadent pantyhose and they come in various styles and designs.  Denier is a count for the thickness of yarn used in the hosiery items.  For example, pantyhose and stockings may have very low denier due to the high levels of Lycra. It makes them very stretchy with very little fabric being used. So the sheerer the item, the more stretchable it is, and the lower the denier.

Modern hosiery

Earlier hosiery was made by knitting them, and the stockings were of natural materials like silk, wool and cotton. Today, however, they have progressed beyond that into using a variety of stretchable materials such as Lycra. They have made it commercially viable to produce and they are available easily. Most websites also have several stocks in different hosiery items. There are many types available such as fishnet, with designs and in colors, consisting of every hue in the rainbow.

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